Why No Guns, Politics, or Religion?

My tagline for The Next Phase blog says, “No guns, no politics, no religion.”  

Some readers might think this is because I have no opinions on these three topics. My friends and family would laugh at this idea because nothing could be further from the truth.

I have very strong opinions on all three and I express them frequently on Facebook. But I choose not to address these issues in my blog for a very simple reason. I don’t want to log on in the morning to find a hundred comments from readers who disagree with my positions and who feel the need to call me vile names, rant about how stupid I am. Or who insist that I read/watch/listen to something that will disprove what I have been saying.

That’s just no fun at all and it would spoil my whole day.

But for those who really want to know, here are my positions:

No PoliticsPolitics

I am a patriotic American citizen.  I am also an un-enrolled independent who is affiliated with no party.  I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans at all levels of government and I have voted in both Democrat and Republican primaries.  My approach is to vote for the better candidate (when I can find one). My liberal friends think I’m pretty conservative.  My conservative friends think I’m a flaming liberal.  Go figure.  These days, however, I tend to caucus with the Democrats.


If  you want to get an elk or deer license and go out and shoot an animal to fill up your larder and feed your family, then I wish you good hunting and a straight shot.  I have no use for trophy hunting that leaves a dead animal to rot on the ground so the hunter can put a head or horns or antlers on the wall to prove his (it’s usually a guy) prowess.  That’s a waste of God’s creation and a disgrace to humanity.

I have no use for handguns, especially in the home. If you want to understand why I feel that way, you can read my series of posts on Handgun Violence, It’s Personal:

These are my personal experiences. They are not theoretical, hypothetical, philosophical or religious. They are not up for argument or controversy. They happened. That’s all you need to understand.

If you feel the need to have a handgun in your home, please make sure that it’s locked in a secure gun vault so children and/or a depressed person cannot get their hands on it. It should be stored unloaded and with the ammunition in a separate location. I see no need for assault weapons anywhere outside the military.


I am a Unitarian/Universalist, having come to this affiliation via a Catholic childhood and a Jewish husband. I recognize the right of others to worship as they please (or not) as long is said worship does not injure animals or other people or frighten the horses. I think that terrorists (of any faith) who spew hatred, urge violence, or kill in the name of God (by whatever name) are merely thugs with an excuse. God is love.

If you disagree with any of these positions, please do not tell me. I am not interested. You can Comment to my posts on Facebook if that makes you feel better.

1 thought on “Why No Guns, Politics, or Religion?

  1. SOOOO much love coming to you and your family after the loss of Chance!

    Spot On about Guns, Politics & Religion!!!! I belong to the UCC denomination – “Universalists Considering Christ” (United Church of Christ).

    Love , Bonnie

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