About the Authors

About the Authors

While I started The Next Phase Blog in 2013, other authors have added their voices to mine over the years. Some people post regularly, others just once in a while. If you would like to know more about the folks who post on The Next Phase Blog, just follow a link below or read the short bio:

Anna Kucirkova

Anna Kucirkova speaks 3 languages has a passion for kids and writing. While she has been to many places in Europe and SE Asia she still wants to explore the rest of the world.

Would You Like to Write?

I’m always looking for good talent to supplement my posts. Do you have a point of view on a topic other than guns, politics or religion? (It’s a big world out there.) Would you like to put your ideas out there? If so, I’m interested. You just need to write well, make your point clearly and be a positive force in blogosphere.

If you are interested in writing for a blog but don’t want the hassle and expense of creating your own, just contact me at alinemkaplan@gmail.com. Let’s talk.